« I love the traditional cuisine of the territory and I treat it with a sprinkle of folly, but, I hope, never overdoing it. »


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Make someone close to you happy by gifting them the pleasure of a delicious meal or a cookery course held by Luigi Pomata.

(Italiano) Luigi Pomata con le sue ricette, su Alice Tv!

(Italiano) Nel nuovo programma Accademia di Alice condotto da Michela Coppa.
In onda, giovedì 10 Ottobre 2019 alle 21:55 … Non perdetevelo!
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In August we stay on holiday with you!

Our Restaurant are open from Monday evening throughout the week of August at lunch and dinner. Sunday 18 August we are open for dinner!

the bistro riopens!

The Bistrot has reopened

« From the wish to pass on my passion comes my cookery school for food lovers, amateur chefs and home cooks wishing to polish their skills. »


Ristorante Luigi Pomata
Viale Regina Margherita 18, Cagliari (CA)
+39 070 672 058