« I love the traditional cuisine of the territory and I treat it with a sprinkle of folly, but, I hope, never overdoing it. »


Pomata gift voucher
Make someone close to you happy by gifting them the pleasure of a delicious meal or a cookery course held by Luigi Pomata.

(Italiano) Pomata e Conad

(Italiano) Lo Chef protagonista del nuovo spot.

(Italiano) Finali del World Pizza Championship

(Italiano) In programma alla Fiera di Parma dal 9 all’11 aprile.

(Italiano) Trofeo World Pizza

(Italiano) Lo staff della sua pizzeria Next Food & Lounge di viale Regina Margherita si è aggiudicato il Trofeo World Pizza.

Weekly closure – Monday at lunch

Starting from January all our outlets
will be closed on Monday at lunch.

« From the wish to pass on my passion comes my cookery school for food lovers, amateur chefs and home cooks wishing to polish their skills. »


Ristorante Luigi Pomata
Viale Regina Margherita 18, Cagliari (CA)
+39 070 672 058