« Gusto ed eleganza.E la grande esperienza nel mondo della ristorazione. »

Flavour and style. And the great experience in the restaurant business of a chef such as Luigi Pomata. Our catering service is the ideal choice for your events. For your wedding, we organise a spotless reception, carefully handled down to the last detail.

Services offered
Our highly professional staff can guarantee the best outcome of your important event or reception. From the menu to flower arrangements, to suggestions on the best venue, we help you bring life to all your wishes and turn your dreams into reality.

We are able to advise you on the choice of the perfect menu. Thanks to our experience and creativity, we are able to offer you unforgettable dishes. We use top-quality ingredients and work them skilfully to create original and memorable taste experiences.

Our Catering service follows you where you want –your own home, a seaside villa, the beach. We can also suggest some partner venues, and help you choose the best place for your special day.

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Ristorante Luigi Pomata
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