« Love is like good cuisine, special things are always born from simple ingredients, but they are made magic by fantasy. »
Created three years ago, Pomata’s Bistrot is a small restaurant whose menu features some signature dishes of Sardinia and of Carloforte, the Chef’s hometown. Selections of cheeses and charcuterie, hot dishes, summer salads, winter soups and, of course, tuna fish.

Open hours lunch/dinner

Monday to Saturday: 13:00 - 15:00 / 20:00 - 23:00


«The Bistrot with classic dishes and very reasonable prices, plates of cold cuts and a selection of cheeses, but also a good selection of hot dishes, first courses based on tradition but with a touch of novelty, our spaghetti with bottarga and with tomato sauce, tuna Carloforte style and in the winter a great selection of soups and stews, an ambiance based on that of the classic Italian trattoria full of colour and light, an informal space where customers can relax and feel at ease.»

Luigi Pomata

«Not satisfied with his highly successful restaurant, famous for its seafood dishes, with a special place held by tuna, he has also opened an adjoining bistrot, where customers can savour Sardinia’s land dishes. A mixed public – those filling its rooms – people of all ages who find here an out of the ordinary eatery.»

Leonardo Romanelli (www.intravino.com)


Via Porcile 21, Cagliari (CA)
+39 070 672 058