« Good cuisine and good wine – paradise on earth. »
Next’ by Luigi Pomata is a venue furnished in minimalist industrial style, with a large showcase for the wines, textured walls and lighting obtained from scaffold tubes. It boasts a terrace overlooking the whole of Cagliari. The menu features a choice of Gourmet Pizzas with topping added after cooking, made with slow-rise, high-water content dough, the Gourmet Burgers and our Cicchetteria (tapas bar). Beverages include a wide array of sparkling wines, artisan beer and cocktails.

Open hours lunch/dinner
Monday to Saturday - 13:00 - 15:00 / 20:00 - 23:00

«TheNext Food & Lounge is my latest challenge, it’s a project I embarked on because I was looking for something new. I wanted to prepare pizza, which we have always prepared in our Carloforte Bistrot with slow-rise dough… at a time when nobody knew about this! Because I love pizza… So, Next targets the younger crowd, but also curious adults, with a choice of pizzas with restaurant-type ingredients. They call it gourmet pizza, for me it’s simply the right kind of pizza to match my philosophy of cooking, the menu includes a number of small snacks, salads and intriguing desserts, a fine list of cocktails and fresh fruit juices. The venue includes a terrace overlooking the sea and a lounge area to enjoy sipping a drink in company.»

Luigi Pomata

«Next Food & Lounge, Luigi Pomata’s multi-purpose venue, opened just a few days ago in Cagliari. This latest addition to the Chef’s renowned restaurant offers guests a minimalist, informal ambience, with a fine terrace overlooking the city. The cuisine is tapas style and is under the direction of Abele Fois, who has worked with the Chef for many years. But what we focused on in our journey through the island’s pizza restaurants are the four gourmet pizzas highlighted in the menu. Made with long-rise and with high water content dough, Next’s pizzas are dressed once out of the oven, after cooking; amongst the mouth-watering ingredients: tuna ventresca, stracciatella, mortadella, truffles, but there are frequent changes based on new ideas and the seasons offerings. Beverages include the craft beers selected by Antonello Pomata, Luigi’s brother. Open all day long, from midday to one in the morning»

Livia Montagnoli (www.gamberorosso.it)


Viale Regina Margherita 14, Cagliari (CA)
+39 070 654 464