Flavours and colours is an ambitious project by Paolo Palumbo and Luigi Pomata, with the key contribution of the splendid photos of Pierluigi Dessì. A selection of recipes making up a very special cookery book. This is the first book intended specifically for people unable to consume food normally and who can only eat homogenized food or through a catheter. So this is a set of easy-to-make recipes which helps in daily life, above all it helps those who have been forced to forfeit the taste for food and the pleasures of the table. This experience was the brainchild of a very determined young man, who recently discovered that he is one of the youngest patients in the world suffering from ALS. As of today, in Italy alone, 70,000 people suffer from dysphagia, a condition that prevents them from eating normally. Their plight has been taken up by Paolo and Luigi: the first a passionate, up-and-coming young chef, the second a well-established chef with an international reputation. But this book can also be enjoyed and used by those who do not need assisted eating . Last but not least, all proceeds from the sale of this book will go to research into SLA and to help the families of people with ALS and other neurodegenerative sicknesses.