Tuna rich in flavour and colour, raw tuna matching divinely with pasta, various tuna cuts and recipes. Luigi Pomata tells the tale of his island made of land and sea, simple ingredients and deep knowledge of ingredients: hailing from Carloforte, he has a visceral link with the sea handed down by his grandfather, a farmer and in charge of the Carloforte tuna fishery, who eventually became the chef of what would soon become the Pomata family restaurant. Now in the third generation, the Pomata family today offer cuisine rooted in their territory, in the heart of the Mediterranean. Their star ingredient is tuna fish, still caught today in the sea of Carloforte as it was 200 years ago, just for one and a half months a year, catching only the fish of 35 kg and above. This fish needs very careful handling in the kitchen, with all the creativity it deserves. Luigi Pomata has made it shine also thanks to his experience in restaurants around the world. In the book as in the restaurant, it all begins with the raw material – tuna. This is proposed in 100 recipes – set out on 256 pages –divided into starters, first and second courses, creative salads, raw tuna platters, tuna fillet, either lightly seared or matched with lard and rabbit, but also in fusion dishes and street food proposals, just as delicious as gourmet dishes.